2018 KEA Call for Undergraduate Papers

2017 KEA Call for Undergraduate Papers

The Kentucky Economic Association is encouraging undergraduate research by supporting three sessions for undergraduate papers during the 2018 KEA conference (October 12, 2018). This year’s conference will be held at Centre College. Please encourage your students to submit their papers and present. All students must submit a full length paper to present their research at the annual conference and to participate in the student paper competition by September 21, 2018. Abstract paper submissions will not be accepted.

  • Undergraduate papers must have been written during the 2017-18 academic year.
  • Faculty-student research is not eligible for the student paper competition.
  • Co-authored undergraduate papers are welcome.
  • The best paper will receive a financial reward sponsored by Cengage.

Papers submitted to the KEA undergraduate sessions are expected to have the following sections. Acceptance to the undergraduate session will be based on papers meeting the following criteria.

  1. Abstract 
The abstract should clearly define the scope, methodology and results of the research.
  2. Research Topic 
The paper should focus on a specific research problem and contain a well-defined hypothesis.
  3. Theoretical Basis 
The paper should be well grounded in existing literature and theoretical models. 
The best papers will extend the literature and models to new data or applications.
  4. Methodology 
The paper should describe the dataset used in the paper and the methodology used to analyze it.
  5. Results 
The paper should contain results that are discussed in the context of the initial hypothesis.
The best papers will discuss how the results either support or refute the hypothesis and provide clear and complete explanations of why the results might have occurred.
  6. Conclusions 
Papers should draw conclusions from the results. Policy implications and practical applications should be presented and supported by the results of the research.

Any questions should be directed to the Undergraduate Research Committee at KEA2018Conference@gmail.com.

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Abdullah Al-Bahrani
Director Center for Economic Education
Assistant Professor of Economics
Northern Kentucky University