Recent Changes in the Journal of Applied Economics and Policy

In December 2003, the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Economic Association made three important decisions concerning the Association’s journal, the Kentucky Journal of Economics and Business.

  1. The name of the journal will henceforth be known as the Journal of Applied Economics and Policy. The JAEP will continue to accept manuscripts from all JEL classifications, and all manuscripts will be double-blind refereed.
  2. The JAEP will henceforth be an electronic journal. This change is designed to increase access to the manuscripts published in the JAEP. When each volume is published, the editor will announce publication to a wide audience of academic and professional economists and provide links to each manuscript. Furthermore, people will be able to access manuscripts through EBSCO.
  3. The JAEP be published more frequently. In the past ,the JAEP was published annually, but in the future the JAEP will be published when a sufficient number of manuscripts are accepted.

Submission Agreement

Regular Edition
Book Reviews

Regular Edition:

By submitting to the Journal of Applied Economics and Policy, you agree that the manuscript is not currently under review, that it has not been previously published, nor is it forthcoming at another journal (electronic or print). You also agree that you will not submit the manuscript to another journal until completion of the review process or until you withdraw the manuscript from consideration at theJournal of Applied Economics and Policy. You may withdraw at any point during the review process. Submission fees will not be refunded once the manuscript enters the review process.

Publication in a working-paper series does not constitute prior publication. Manuscripts previously published in a conference proceedings must be significantly different than its previous publication and will undergo the same referee process as other manuscripts.

As the author(s), you assume responsibility for all material, views, and conclusions in the accepted final revision.  You agree to present an accurate account of the research performed as well as provide an objective discussion of its significance. The manuscript should describe your research methodology, assumptions, and data collection in enough detail that the research could be duplicated by a peer if given the same data set. All work must be free of any plagiarism, falsification, fabrications, and obvious omission of significant information that might affect the results.

The Journal of Applied Economics and Policy, takes every precaution to insure anonymity of your review through a double-blind review process (authors do not know reviewers; reviewers do not know the authors). To insure your anonymity further, do not post your manuscript to web sites where reviewers can easily find it through a web search. When you submit your manuscript to the Journal of Applied Economics and Policy, your manuscript is stored in a secure file on the www.wku.eduserver. It is submitted to reviewers through e-mail with the author(s) information removed.

All authors submitting manuscripts for consideration at the Journal of Applied Economics and Policymay be expected to review manuscripts of their peers for future editions.

Parts of this agreement were drawn from the Journal of International Business Studies Code of Ethics.

Book Reviews:

Book reviews are always welcome. There is currently no fee for submission of a book review. Book reviews do not go through a double blind review process.

Guidelines for Final Revisions of Accepted Papers

The final revised manuscript should be created using Microsoft Word 1998 or above. Authors are encouraged to review the most recent edition of the JAEP and submit their final paper in a manner consistent with the format of the most recent edition. Authors do not need to worry about headers, footers, or page numbers.